Anthony J. Scholl

Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Wilberforce Road
Cambridge CB3 0WB

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Part II Number Fields D, Lent 2021
Algebraic Number Theory, Lent 2021
Part III interviews (password required)
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One day I will make this page look nice (the day after I finish tidying my office). In the meantime, this will have to do.

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Note: not all the PDF files of my published papers are included here. Those that are do not necessarily correspond to the final versions, so should not be used for definitive reference.

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Other things and places

Faces of Mathematics - Nick Gilbert's exhibition of mathematical portraits. The travelling show contains a (selectively edited) version of this interview.

Other stuff

Complete index to EGA - Complete index to SGA
(Created because it is incredibly frustrating to have to flick through the indices of all 8 volumes of EGA to find out where the definition of an XXX morphism is.)


If you like classical music, you will enjoy the website of my wife Gülsin Onay. (The music on the entry page is the opening of Saint-Saens 2nd Piano Concerto.)

Last modified: 29 January 2010

[1] ....the HTML version of the paper on the journal webpage has a garbled bibliography, presumably the work of some translation robot. The (human) copy editor insisted (despite my protestations) on replacing "fibre" with "fiber", and managed to misspell "après" - rather less than one might hope from "Oxford" Journals and "International" Mathematics Research Notices.