Automorphy lifting study group

Study group on automorphy lifting theorems

Guillem Tarrach and I are organising a study group on Galois deformation theory and its applications to automorphy lifting theorems.
If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch!

Schedule: [pdf]

Slides/notes for the talks

Lent term:

  • l-adic Galois representations and Weil-Deligne representations (Sam): [pdf]
  • Basic definitions in Galois deformation theory, representability framed deformation functor (Jef): [pdf]
  • Representability of Schur deformations (Lukas): [pdf]
  • Further properties of Galois deformations (Dmitri): [pdf]
  • Global deformation problems (Vaughan): [pdf]
  • Global deformation problems, continued (Jun): [pdf]
  • Geometry of Galois deformation rings (Guillem): [pdf]
  • Easter term:

  • Hierarchy of representations of p-adic groups (Art): [pdf]
  • Statement of the local Langlands correspondence (Lukas): [pdf]
  • Automorphic forms on quaternion algebras (Guillem): [pdf]
  • Integral theory of automorphic forms on quaternion algebras (Vaughan): [pdf]
  • Minimal automorphy lifting theorem (Dmitri): [pdf]
  • Patching (Jun): [pdf]