I organize Groups and Geometry in the South East, together with Martin Bridson and Lars Louder. We have four meetings a year, with talks mainly of interest to group theorists, geometers and topologists.


I sometimes write posts on the Low-dimensional topology blog. My posts so far are as follows.

Here are the notes, blogged by the students, for a course that I taught in the Spring semester of 2009 at the University of Texas.

In a related vein, I sometimes ask or answer questions on MathOverflow and math.stackexchange.com.


I wrote a piece about geometric group theory for the Fall 2016 edition of Emissary magazine.



Here are the slides or any other online records of some of the talks that I've given. E-mails pointing out typos and other errors are appreciated.

I also have notes/slides for graduate talks on An Introduction to Geometrization, Group actions on trees, Algebraic geometry over groups, Bass-Serre theory and Hyperbolic spaces, R-trees and outer automorphisms.