Part III Analysis of PDEs

This page contains course material for Part III Analysis of PDEs, Michaelmas 2016. 

I lectured this course jointly with Clément Mouhot. Example classes were run by Georgios Moschidis.

See this link for the course description. See this link for a detailed examinable syllabus.

The notes of the course, written by Clément Mouhot, are available below:

Old example sheets, exams and other course materials are available here (Michaelmas 2014 version of the course).

This course also forms part of the first year programme of the CCA, where it is supplemented with extra projects of a more advanced nature. Midterm assignments for CCA students are available here. (Midterm presentations took place on Monday 7 November 2016.) The four longer assignments for CCA students are given below:

The presentations were scheduled for Friday 12 May 2017, 2pm–5pm.