Current Position:

Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Geometry, DPMMS, University of Cambridge 

Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Princeton University

Born:  October 1976 

Nationality:  Greek 🇬🇷🇪🇺

Professional history:


Honours, Prizes and Awards:

Grants and Scholarships:

  • NSF grant DMS-2005464 2020–2023 (with I. Rodnianski)
  • NSF grant DMS-1709270 2017–2020 (with I. Rodnianski)
  • NSF grant DMS-1405291 2014–2017
  • EPSRC Programme Grant (with A. Neves, P. Topping) 2013–2019
  • ERC Starting Grant 2008–2013
  • Clay Research Scholarship 2007
  • EC Marie Curie International Grant 2005–2007
  • NSF grant DMS-0302748 2003–2007

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Editorial work: 

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Ph.D. students:  See this link

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