Mark Gross

Office:                          E 1.08

Here are the makeup lecture notes for Feb. 8th, Part II Algebraic Geometry.

Here are the makeup lecture notes for March 17th, Part II Algebraic Geometry.

Current Developments in Mathematics lecture slides.

AMS Riverside Plenary talk, November 2013.

Cluster algebra talk.

Melbourne plenary talk/Warwick colloquium talk.

Plenary talk at Salt Lake City AMS Symposium.


Here's a link to my Papers on the ArXiv.

Here is a draft of a paper by Dan Abramovich, Qile Chen, Bernd Siebert and myself on punctured invariants, whose existence was recently announced. It will be obvious this is very much a draft, but we believe it is correct and possibly readable. There will probably be significant delay before this becomes a polished paper, as we are unsure as to exactly which material belongs in this paper and which will go in other papers. Please contact one of us if you spot a mistake! Current version dates from Dec. 20, 2016, with a minor issue in the construction of the associated fs log structure fixed in section 2.2. Punctured logarithmic curves.

Here is stuff about my house renovation project. Updated April 30th, 2017.