University Academic Staff

Prof. J. AstonStatistics
Dr M.B. BatchelorMeasuring coalgebras, comodules and their applications in geometry, physics and algebra
Dr N. BerestyckiProbability
Dr C. BirkarAlgebraic Geometry
Dr P. BourgadeProbability
Prof. M. DafermosPartial Differential Equations, General Relativity
Dr F. FischerGame theory, social choice theory
Dr T.A. FisherComputational number theory, arithmetical algebraic geometry
Dr J. GoedeckeCategory Theory
Prof. W.T. Gowers, FRSAnalysis, combinatorics
Prof. G.R. GrimmettProbability theory, combinatorial theory, stochastic models in statistical physics, probabilistic number theory
Prof. I. GrojnowskiRepresentation theory, reductive groups, algebraic geometry
Prof. M. GrossAlgebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry,
Prof. J.M.E. HylandCategorical logic: proof theory, theoretical computer science, higher dimensional algebra
Prof. P.T. JohnstoneCategory theory, especially topos theory and locale theory
Prof. T.W. KörnerFourier analysis, classical analysis, counter examples
Prof. F.P. Kelly, FRSRandom processes, networks and optimization
Dr A.G. KovalevDifferential geometry
Prof. I.B. LeaderExtremal Combinatorics, Ramsey Theory
Prof. V. Markovic
Prof. C. Mouhot
Dr V. NealeAdditive Combinatorics
Dr R. NicklMathematical statistics and empirical process theory
Prof. J.R. NorrisTopics in probability and analysis, including stochastic differential equations, Malliavin calculus, analysis of heat kernels, homogenization, Brownian motion and Brownian sheet, stochastic differential geometry, models of coagulation and coalescence
Prof. G.P. PaternainGeometry, Dynamical Systems
Dr S.M. PittsFunctional limit theorems in probability and statistics, queueing theory, insurance
Dr O. Randal-WilliamsAlgebraic and Geometric Topology
Dr J. RasmussenTopology
Prof. L C G RogersFinancial mathematics, probability theory, stochastic analysis, statistics, mathematical economics
Prof. R.J. SamworthStatistics, particularly nonparametric and high-dimensional problems.
Prof. J. SaxlGroups, algebraic groups, representation theory
Prof. A.J. SchollNumber theory, arithmetic algebraic geometry, modular forms
R. ShahStatistics and data analysis
Prof. I. SmithSymplectic Topology/Algebraic Geometry
Prof. D.J. Spiegelhalter, FRSPublic understanding of uncertainty and risk, Bayesian methods, biostatistics, performance assessment
Dr M.R. TehranchiStochastic analysis and financial maths
Prof. A.G. ThomasonCombinatorics, graph theory, algorithms
Dr J. ThorneNumber Theory
Prof. R R WeberMathematics for operational research and systems, models in telecommunications and operations management, control of queues, stochastic networks, on-line bin-packing, ergodicity of markov processes, optimal search, stochastic scheduling, dynamic resource allocation, financial mathematics
Dr N. WickramasekeraGeometric measure theory, partial differential equations, differential geometry
Prof. P.M.H. WilsonComplex algebraic varieties, Calabi-Yau threefolds
Dr T. YoshidaAlgebraic Number Theory