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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


Part III General Information

Cambridge is a wonderful place to study mathematics at both undergraduate and research level. But neither admission to study nor course design is the direct responsibility of the Faculty of Mathematics rather than DPMMS.

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Information for Current Students

Example Sheets

Such material as is available for specific DPMMS courses (example sheets, lecture notes and so on) has been gathered here. Some courses have more material, others less.

Example sheets (and other info) for courses offered by DAMTP appear on the DAMTP example sheet page.

To post example sheets on these pages please email pdf file to giving course name and Tripos part in the subject line.

Part IA

Courses in Part IA of the Mathematical Tripos on the Faculty web site.

Part IB

Courses in Part IB of the Mathematical Tripos on the Faculty web site.

*from 2019 courses combined to form Analysis and Topology.

Part II

Courses in Part II of the Mathematical Tripos on the Faculty web site.

Part III (MMath/MASt)

Guide to Courses in Part III of the Mathematical Tripos

Algebraic Geometry 
Algebraic Surfaces
Algebraic Topology
Category Theory
Commutative Algebra
Introduction to Nonlinear Analysis
Mapping Class Groups
Symplectic Toplogy
Techniques in Combinatorics 
Topics in Set Theory
Toric Geometry

Not all DPMMS Part III courses have a page. The courses change significantly from year to year, so do not expect information from previous years to be relevant.

Student provided sources of information for Part III courses: