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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


University and Department Forms

The links below will take you directly to the required, downloadable form.


Departmental Forms

Claim form payment for lecture course (University Employees) (revised Dec 2020) : pdf, word 

Claim form payment for lecture course  - UPS2 Worker Agreement payment claim form. This is  for payees engaged under a workers agreement only.

Pre-Travel Application form (Graduate Students)


University Forms

Human Resources. Forms and templates.

Academic Leave

  • Academic and Study Leave

The Faculty Board asks that at least two term's notice is given when applying for Sabbatical Leave, using the (CHRIS/67) form. 

  • Short Leave

Short Leave requests for time away during Full Term (for between 2 - 14 nights) should be submitted to the Head of Department for approval BEFORE the period of leave takes place.  Permission is not needed for a period of leave less than 2 nights. Short Leave Request Form (Word version)

Requests for a period of short leave between 15 - 28 nights should be made to the General Board, via the Faculty Board, using the (CHRIS/67) form.


Expense,  Forms etc

For information on expenses and benefits please go to the University's Financial Procedures Manual or Guidelines for Departmental Seminar Organisers.

Please claim in the currency used, do not make any currency conversion on the form this will be done by the Financial Division.

For staff paid expenses by BACS

Form FD1C is for University employees who work in a University department (Word version)(PDF version) (Excel version)
Please do not convert currency when returning form. This will be completed by DPMMS Finance.

Form FD1A is for students and visitors

Form FD1A: Expenses Claim Form (for students and visitors) (pdf)
Please do not convert currency when returning form. This will be completed by DPMMS Finance.

There is currently no mechanism to pay visitors' expenses directly to a UK bank account.

For visitors with overseas's accounts reimbursement will be made by electronic transfer,  you will need to supply details of your nominated account. The  information required is given here

For full details please see the   Finance Division Website

Hard copies of these forms can be found on the bench outside DPMMS Finance Office C1.19


Travel Insurance The University provides travel insurance for employees and registered post-graduate students of the University of Cambridge whilst travelling abroad on University of Cambridge business. Cover is also provided for graduate students registered with the University of Cambridge and for undergraduates of the University of Cambridge and official volunteer workers travelling on supervised departmental fieldtrips outside the UK. Currently no charge is made for this cover, the costs being met by the University's insurance budget. However and most importantly, employees, registered post-graduate students and departments (in the case of fieldtrips) are required to apply for cover using the appropriate application process. The various application processes can be found here.

Please do remember that alongside filling out the University travel insurance form  and prior to travel a completed  risk assessment form must be submitted to the Departmental Administrator.  Failure to submit a Risk Assessment form will invalidate your insurance.

For medium and high risk travel please see the University website here:

For students this is part of the pre-travel application form

Foreign Travel Fund (FTP)

School of the Physical Sciences. Travel Fund.

Application for approval of travelling expenses for research students


Voluntary registration of staff interests with their Head of Department

The purpose of this registration is so that members of University staff have an opportunity to make voluntary, confidential registrations of interests with their Head of Department. This register would not be accessible to central officers. The purpose of this is to provide a service to help members of staff, for example who are applying for research grants from funding bodies, such as the Wellcome Foundation, which require interests to be registered. A registration form for use can be download here and Heads of Department are invited to publicise this opportunity for voluntary registration now. A draft note about the registration and declaration of interests is attached for the information of Heads of Departments. You are free to reproduce this, but it will be revised in due course when the full system of registration is in force. At that point it, and the relevant forms will be available on the web.

Please note that Wellcome Trust grant applicants and those employed on Wellcome grants will be required to register.