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04 May 14:15

Automorphism groups of positive entropy of normal projective varieties
De-Qi Zhang (Singapore)
Algebraic Geometry Seminar

04 May 16:00

Homotopy theory and the space of metrics of positive scalar curvature
Thomas Schick, Goettingen
Differential Geometry and Topology Seminar

Tomorrow 14:30

Noise sensitivity in bootstrap percolation
Gábor Pete (Renyi Institute and TU Budapest)
Combinatorics Seminar

06 May 15:00

JSJ decompositions of groups
Ben Barrett (Cambridge)
Junior Geometry Seminar

06 May 16:00

Computational Challenges in Sleeping Combinatorial Experts
Varun Kanade (Oxford)

10 May 14:15

Hida theory over some Shimura varieties without ordinary locus.
Riccardo Brasca (Universite Paris Diderot)
Number Theory Seminar