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Today 14:15

Commensurability of automorphism groups, and number theoretic applications
Alex Bartel (Warwick University)
Number Theory Seminar

Today 14:15

Another viewpoint on cartesian theories
Zhen Lin Low (University of Cambridge)
Category Theory Seminar

Today 16:30

The phase transition in bounded-size Achlioptas processes
Lutz Warnke (Cambridge)

Tomorrow 14:15

Cohomology jump loci"
Nero Budur (KU Leuven)
Algebraic Geometry Seminar

Tomorrow 16:00

Tight contact structures on connected sums need not be contact connected sums
Chris Wendl, UCL
Differential Geometry and Topology Seminar

Tomorrow 16:30

Statistics Clinic Michaelmas 2015 - IV
Speaker to be confirmed
Cambridge Statistics Clinic