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01 June 17:00

The solution of the Kadison-Singer Problem
Daniel Spielman (Yale)
Mordell Lectures

02 June 14:30

Ramanujan Graphs and Finite Free Convolutions of Polynomials
Dan Spielman (Yale University)
Combinatorics Seminar

02 June 15:00

A KPZ formula for SLE and Brownian motion
Nina Holden (MIT)

02 June 16:30

The full extremal process of the discrete Gaussian free field in 2D
Oren Louidor (Technion)

03 June 14:15

Synthetic differentiation of species
Richard Garner (Macquarie University)
Category Theory Seminar

03 June 14:15

The hybrid Landau--Ginzburg models of Calabi--Yau complete intersections
Alessandro Chiodo, Jussieu
Algebraic Geometry Seminar