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Tomorrow 16:30

Wegner estimate for the random breather model
Matthias Taeufer, Queen Mary University (London)
Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations seminar

Tomorrow 19:15

Mapping Health: Why, How, Considering what ...
Sylvia Richardson, MRC Biostatistics Unit @ University of Cambri
Cambridge Statistics Discussion Group (CSDG)

22 January 14:30

Finding three-term arithmetic progressions in dense sets of integers
Thomas Bloom (Cambridge)
Number Theory Seminar

22 January 16:00

Recommender systems for bond sales: a practical application of machine learning in finance
Dominic Wright, Credit Suisse
Cambridge Centre for Analysis talks

22 January 16:30

Scaling limits for planar aggregation with subcritical fluctuations
Amanda Turner (Lancaster)

23 January 13:45

On a question of Babai and Sós, a model theoretic approach
Daniel Palacin (Freiburg)
Discrete Analysis Seminar