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Tomorrow 14:15

Mirror symmetry for affine hypersurfaces
Benjamin Gammage, Berkeley
Algebraic Geometry Seminar

24 October 14:00

The Boltzmann equation with boundary layer
Ning Jiang, Wuhan University
Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations seminar

24 October 14:15

Equilogical spaces and algebras for a double-power monad
Giulia Frosoni (University of Genoa)
Category Theory Seminar

24 October 14:30

Parity of ranks of abelian surfaces
Celine Maistret (University of Bristol)
Number Theory Seminar

24 October 16:15

Random cluster dynamics for the Ising model is rapidly mixing
Mark Jerrum (Queen Mary, London)

24 October 17:00

Stochastic control in FX e-Trading
Jason Ricci and Yana Afanasyeva, Morgan Stanley
Cambridge Centre for Analysis talks