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Today 13:45

Correspondences between harmonic functions and algebraic properties of groups.
Matthew Tointon (University of Cambridge)
Geometric Group Theory Seminar

Today 15:00

String theory on K3 surfaces
Dr Kenny Wong (DAMPT)
Junior Geometry Seminar

Today 16:00

Minimax adaptive estimation in nonparametric Hidden Markov Models
Yohann de Castro (Paris Sud - Orsay)

24 October 16:00

The ABC Conjecture
Brian Conrad (Stanford)
Special DPMMS Colloquium

25 October 14:15

Semi-Segal types in Homotopy Type Theory
Paolo Capriotti (University of Nottingham)
Category Theory Seminar

25 October 14:30

Companion points and locally analytic socle for GL(2)
Yiwen Ding (Imperial College London)
Number Theory Seminar