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Inter-University Seminars

  • CAMELEON (CAMbridgE LEeds Or Norwich) seminar in Logic
  • COW (Cambridge-Oxford-Warwick) seminar in Algebraic Geometry
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30 May 14:00

Pseudorepresentations and the Eisenstein ideal
Carl Wang Erickson (Imperial College)
Number Theory Seminar

30 May 14:15

Magnitude homology
Tom Leinster (University of Edinburgh)
Category Theory Seminar

30 May 15:30

A class number formula for Picard modular surfaces
Shrenik Shah (Columbia University)
Number Theory Seminar

31 May 14:15

The Modularity/Automorphy of Calabi–Yau Varieties of CM type
Noriko Yui, Queens University.
Algebraic Geometry Seminar

31 May 16:30

Expanders, Beauville surfaces and buildings
Alina Vdovina (Newcastle)
Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar

01 June 14:30

Elusive problems in extremal graph theory
Daniel Kráľ (University of Warwick)
Combinatorics Seminar

02 June 15:00

Title to be confirmed
Danica Kosanovic (MPIM Bonn)
Junior Geometry Seminar

05 June 15:10

Fractional diffusion limit of a linear kinetic transport equation in a bounded domain
Pedro Aceves Sanchez, Imperial College
Geometric Analysis and Partial Differential Equations seminar