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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


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Self-avoiding walks and connectve constants
G Grimmett, Z Li
Transitive sets and cyclic quadrilaterals
P Russell, I Leader, M Walters
– Journal of Combinatorics
Potential Automorphy over CM Fields
J Thorne, P Allen, F Calegari, A Caraiani, T Gee, D Helm, BV Le Hung, J Newton, P Scholze, R Taylor
– Annals of Mathematics
One-relator groups with torsion are coherent
H Wilton, L Louder
– Mathematical Research Letters
Implied volatility: long maturity behavior
MR Tehranchi
Transitive sets in Euclidean Ramsey theory
P Russell, I Leader, M Walters
– Journal of Combinatorial Theory: Series A
Effective field theory and classical equations of motion
H Reall, C Warnick
– Journal of Mathematical Physics
Modularity of GL_2(F_p)-representations over CM fields
J Thorne, P Allen, C Khare
– Cambridge Journal of Mathematics
Distinguishing crystallographic groups by their nite quotients
G Wilkes, P Piwek, D Popovic
– Journal of Algebra
Double-estimation-friendly inference for high-dimensional misspecified models
R Shah, P Buhlmann
– Statistical Science
Exact Lagrangians in plumbings
I Smith
– Geometric and Functional Analysis
Diffusions, Markov Processes, and Martingales, VOlume 2
LCG Rogers
Adjoint Selmer groups of automorphic Galois representations of unitary type
J Thorne, J Newton
– Journal of the European Mathematical Society
The structure and number of Erdős covering systems
P Balister, B Bollobas, R Morris, J Sahasrabudhe, M Tiba
Discussion of Adaptive confidence intervals for the test error in classification by Laber and Murphy
RJ Samworth
– Journal of the American Statistical Association
Local scoring rules for spatial processes
AP Dawid, M Musio
– A St A: Advances in Statistical Analysis
Characterizations of SLE$_{\kappa}$ for $\kappa \in (4,8)$ on Liouville quantum gravity
E Gwynne, J Miller
– Asterisque