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Transitive sets and cyclic quadrilaterals
P Russell, I Leader, M Walters
– Journal of Combinatorics
Compressions and probably intersecting families
P Russell
– Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
On universality of blow-up profile for L2 critical nonlinear Schrödinger equation
P Raphael, F merle, P Raphael
– Inventiones Mathematicae
A note on nonabelian Freiman-Ruzsa
S Eberhard
BUGS: Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling, Version 0.5
DJ Spiegelhalter, A Thomas, NG Best, WR Gilks
The random walk penalised by its range in dimensions $d\geq 3$
N Berestycki, R Cerf
Remarks on weights and monodromy
AJ Scholl
Verma modules for Iwasawa algebras are faithful
K Ardakov, S Wadsley
– Münster Journal of Mathematics
Erdős and Arithmetic Progressions
WT Gowers
Diffusions, Markov Processes, and Martingales, Volume 1
LCG Rogers
Existence of self-accelerating fronts for a non-local reaction-diffusion equations
N Berestycki, C Mouhot, G Raoul
Additive triples of bijections, or the toroidal semiqueens problem
S Eberhard, F Manners, R Mrazović
Random generation with cycle type restrictions
S Eberhard, D Garzoni
Characterising optical fibre transmission matrices using metasurface reflector stacks for lensless imaging without distal access
GSD Gordon, M Gataric, AGCP Ramos, R Mouthaan, C Williams, J Yoon, TD Wilkinson, S Bohndiek
– Physical Review X
Properness of nilprogressions and the persistence of polynomial growth of given degree
– Discrete Analysis
Dim the Lights! -- Low-Rank Prior Temporal Data for Specular-Free Video Recovery
SM Alsaleh, AI Aviles-Rivero, N Debroux, JK Hahn
Renormalisation group analysis of 4D spin models and self-avoiding walk
R Bauerschmidt, DC Brydges, G Slade
Lectures on Self-Avoiding Walks
R Bauerschmidt, H Duminil-Copin, J Goodman, G Slade
Finite-order correlation length for 4-dimensional weakly self-avoiding walk and $|\varphi|^4$ spins
R Bauerschmidt, G Slade, A Tomberg, BC Wallace
– Journal of Statistical Physics
Statistical physics on a product of trees
T Hutchcroft