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Approximating a Diffusion by a Hidden Markov Model
I Kontoyiannis, SP Meyn
Notes on Using Control Variates for Estimation with Reversible MCMC Samplers
I Kontoyiannis, P Dellaportas
Efficient sphere-covering and converse measure concentration via generalized coding theorems
I Kontoyiannis
A bilinear version of Bogolyubov's theorem
WT Gowers, L Milićević
– Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society
Fine properties of branch point singularities: Dirichlet energy minimizing multi-valued functions
B Krummel, N Wickramasekera
– arXiv:1711.06222
A number theoretic result for Berge's conjecture
SD Rasmussen
– Harvard University PhD Thesis, 2009, ProQuest LLC
Hypocoercivity without confinement
E Bouin, J Dolbeault, S Mischler, C Mouhot, C Schmeiser
Solutions to Bestvina & Feighn's Exercises on Limit Groups
H Wilton
Enumerating limit groups: A Corrigendum
D Groves, H Wilton
Immutability is not uniformly decidable in hyperbolic groups
D Groves, H Wilton
Stimulus materials for Farmer, Baron-Cohen, and Skylark. People with autism spectrum conditions make more consistent decisions.
WJ Skylark, GD Farmer
A note on dimers and T-graphs
N Berestycki, B Laslier, G Ray
Calls, zonoids, peacocks and log-concavity
MR Tehranchi
The length of an s-increasing sequence of r-tuples
WT Gowers, J Long
– Combinatorics, Probability and Computing
Singularities of linear systems and boundedness of Fano varieties
C Birkar
Harry Kesten (1931-2019), a personal and scientific tribute
GR Grimmett, GF Lawler
Flag Hilbert schemes, colored projectors and Khovanov-Rozansky homology
E Gorsky, A Neguţ, J Rasmussen
Finite-order correlation length for 4-dimensional weakly self-avoiding walk and $|\varphi|^4$ spins
R Bauerschmidt, G Slade, A Tomberg, BC Wallace
– Journal of Statistical Physics
Lectures on Self-Avoiding Walks
R Bauerschmidt, H Duminil-Copin, J Goodman, G Slade
Renormalisation group analysis of 4D spin models and self-avoiding walk
R Bauerschmidt, DC Brydges, G Slade