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A criterion for residual $p$-finiteness of arbitrary graphs of finite $p$-groups
G Wilkes
– Journal of Group Theory
Virtually abelian quotients of random groups
G Wilkes
Classification of pro-$p$ PD$^2$ pairs and the pro-$p$ curve complex
G Wilkes
Profinite completions, cohomology and JSJ decompositions of compact 3-manifolds
G Wilkes
– New Zealand Journal of Mathematics
Mapping class groups of highly connected $(4k+2)$-manifolds
M Krannich
Entropy dissipation estimates for inhomogeneous zero-range processes
J Hermon, J Salez
A note on rational homological stability for automorphisms of manifolds
M Krannich
Transitive sets in Euclidean Ramsey theory
P Russell, I Leader, M Walters
– Journal of Combinatorial Theory: Series A
Implied volatility: long maturity behavior
MR Tehranchi
Gaussian lower bounds for the Boltzmann equation without cut-off
C Imbert, C Mouhot, L Silvestre
The geometry of random walk isomorphism theorems
R Bauerschmidt, T Helmuth, A Swan
Moduli of polarised manifolds via canonical Kähler metrics
R Dervan, P Naumann
– arXiv preprint
Mallows Permutations and Finite Dependence
T Hutchcroft, A Levy, A Holroyd
– Annals of Probability
The structure theory of Nilspaces III: Inverse limit representations and topological dynamics
Y Gutman, F Manners, PP Varjú
Gowers norms control diophantine inequalities
A Walker
Linear inequalities in primes
A Walker
The structure theory of Nilspaces I
Y Gutman, F Manners, PP Varjú
– Journal d'Analyse Mathematique
The geodesic X-ray transform with matrix weights
GP Paternain, M Salo, G Uhlmann, H Zhou
– American Journal of Mathematics
Bordered Floer homology for manifolds with torus boundary via immersed curves
J Hanselman, J Rasmussen, L Watson
Dimers and Imaginary geometry
N Berestycki, B Laslier, G Ray
– Annals of Probability