Richard Samworth
Congratulations to Richard Samworth on being awarded the Adams Prize 2017

Rajen Shah
Congratulations to Rajen Shah on being awarded the Royal Statistical Society research prize for 2017

Richard Nickl
Congratulations to Richard Nickl on being awarded the 2017 Prose Award in Mathematics

Launch of the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication

Richard Samworth
Congratulations to Richard Samworth on being chosen to present an IMS Medallion Lecture

Tim Gowers
Congratulations to Tim Gowers on being awarded the Royal Society's Sylvester Medal

Peter Varju
Congratulations to Peter Varju on the award of an EMS Prize

Jason Miller
Congratulations to Jason Miller on being awarded a Whitehead Prize.

Tim Gowers
Congratulations to Tim Gowers on being awarded a De Morgan Medal.

Senior academic promotions
Congratulations to Richard Nickl on his promotion to the rank of Professor, to Tom Fisher on his promotion to Reader and Mike Tehranchi on his promotion to Senior Lecturer.

Mark Gross
Congratulations to Mark Gross awarded the Clay Research Award.

Peter Whittle, Emeritus Churchill Professor of Mathematics for Operational Research, has been elected a Foreign Member of the National Academy of Engineering forcontributions to the mathematics of operations research and statistics.

£10 million for new maths centres to tackle life-threatening diseases
Life Sciences Minister George Freeman today (16 December) announced £10 million investment in five new research centres around the UK (including Cambridge) that will explore how mathematics and statistics can help clinicians to tackle serious health challenges such as cancer, heart disease and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Caucher Birkar to receive the 2016 AMS Moore Prize
Caucher Birkar, Paolo Cascini, Christopher D. Hacon, and James McKernan received the 2016 AMS E. H. Moore Research Article Prize. They were honored for their article "Existence of minimal models for varieties of log general type," Journal of the AMS (2010).

Frank Kelly
Congratulations to Frank Kelly awarded the David Crighton Medal of the London Mathematical Society and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.

Senior academic promotions
Congratulations to Nathanael Berestycki and Caucher Birkar on their promotion to the rank of Professor.

John Aston and Richard Samworth have been elected as Fellows of the American Statistical Association. There will be an awards ceremony at the Joint Statistical Meeting of the ASA in Seattle in the Summer.

Kelly awarded Alexander Graham Bell medal
The IEEE has awarded Professor Frank Kelly its Alexander Graham Bell Medal in recognition of his outstanding contributions to telecommunications. Kelly was cited for his work in "creating principled mathematical foundations for the design and analysis of congestion control, routing, and blocking in modern communication networks." Congratulations Frank!

Samworth wins Leverhulme Prize
Congratulations to Professor Richard Samworth, who has been awarded a Leverhulme Prize for his work in nonparametric and high-dimensional statistics. The prize recognizes the achievements of early career researchers across a broad range of fields.

French Academy of Science Prize for Mouhot
Congratulations to Professor Clément Mouhot, who has been awarded the 2014 Prix de Madame Victor Noury . This prestigous award is given yearly to a French scientist under the age of 45, and is a Grand Prize of the French Academy of Science.

DPMMS Welcomes New Members
The department is pleased to welcome three new permanent members: Jonathan Luk, Jack Thorne, and Henry Wilton. Dr. Luk works in the field of partial differential equations, and in particular the equations of general relativity. Dr. Thorne is an algebraic number theorist much of whose work is related to the local Langlands conjecture. Dr. Wilton works in the field of geometric group theory and 3-manifold groups.

We are also very glad to welcome a bumper crop of new postdocs, including Constante Belletini and Jan Sbierski (Analysis), Rory Lucyshyn-Wright (Category Theory), Stergios Antonadoukis, Georgios Dimitroglou-Rizell, Tyler Kelly, Cristiano Spotti, and Renato Vianna (all in Geometry), and Benoit Laslier, Ah Yeon Park, Gourab Ray, Shahin Tavakoli and Jean-Marc Freyermuth (in the Statslab).

Mouhot wins Whitehead Prize
Professor Clément Mouhot has been awarded a Whitehead Prize by the LMS for his "fundamental mathematical contributions to the foundations of statistical mechanics and the Boltzmann equation." Congratulations Clement!

Samworth Elected IMS Fellow
Congratulations to Professor Richard Samworth, who has been elected a fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. Samworth was cited for his "fundamental research in nonparametric classification, nonparametric inference under shape constraints and high dimensional variable selection."

Spiegelhalter Knighted
Congratulations to Sir David Spiegelhalter, who was knighted for his services to medical statistics. Spiegelhalter is the Winston Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk in the Statistical Laboratory. He is widely known for his work in Bayesian analysis and its application to medicine and public health; for his service to the NHS in the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Shipman inquiries; and for his numerous public presentations on risk and statistics, which have appeared on television, radio, and in print.

Senior academic promotions
Congratulations to Neshan Wickramasekera on his promotion to the rank of Professor. Professor Wickramasekera works in the fields of geometric measure theory and differential geometry.

Grimmett and Markovic elected to Royal Society
Congratulations to Professors Geoffrey Grimmett and Vlad Markovic, who have been elected Fellows of the Royal Society. Grimmett was cited for his broad contributions to probability theory, and especially for his achievements in the rigorous theory of disordered systems. Markovic is known for his work on quasiconformal maps and their applications to low dimensional geometry and topology. Together with Jeremy Kahn he resolved the Surface Subgroup and Ehrenpreis Conjectures.

Cambridge to host BMC/BAMC in 2015
Next year's joint meeting of the British Mathematics Colloquium and British Applied Mathematics Colloquium will run from March 30 to April 2, 2015, and is being organized by the Faculty of Mathematics. Plenary speakers in pure mathematics will include Wendelin Werner and Andrew Wiles. Further details and a timeline are available here.

New Faculty in DPMMS
The department is pleased to welcome Professors John Aston and Mark Gross. Professor Aston's research interests are in applied statistics. He is known for his work modelling and analysing neuroimaging and linguistic data, as well as methodological contributions in functional data analysis and time series. Professor Gross works in the areas of algebraic and symplectic geometry. He is known for his work with Bernd Seibert on mirror symmetry and the SYZ conjecture.

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