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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


David Spiegelhalter and the Infected Blood Inquiry November 2022


David Spiegelhalter, Emeritus Professor of Statistics in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences and Fellow of Churchill College, was part of a team giving extensive evidence to the Infected Blood Inquiry. This was established to investigate the circumstances in which people were given infected blood and infected blood products, in particular in the 1970s and 1980s.

He was joint author of the 180-page report from the Inquiry’s Statistics Expert Group, which among other findings concluded that around 1,250 people with blood disorders such as haemophilia were infected with HIV, of whom around half later died of HIV-related causes.  And of people who received blood transfusions for a variety of purposes, around 27,000 were infected with Hepatitis C, of whom around 1,800 had died of Hepatitis-C-related causes by 2019.

His appearance was broadcast live, and a recording is available.