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Constructible graphs and pursuit
MR Ivan, I Leader, M Walters
– Theoretical Computer Science
Real-time detection of anomalies in large-scale transient surveys
D Muthukrishna, KS Mandel, M Lochner, S Webb, G Narayan
– Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Why Deep Surgical Models Fail?: Revisiting Surgical Action Triplet Recognition through the Lens of Robustness
Y Cheng, L Liu, S Wang, Y Jin, C-B Schönlieb, AI Aviles-Rivero
Relative extensions and cohomology of profinite groups
G Wilkes
Equidistribution of high-rank polynomials with variables restricted to subsets of $\mathbb{F}_p$
WT Gowers, T Karam
Heegaard Floer homology for manifolds with torus boundary: Properties and examples
J Hanselman, J Rasmussen, L Watson
– Proc Lond Math Soc
Hidden Spectral Symmetries and Mode Stability of Subextremal Kerr(-de Sitter) Black Holes
M Casals, R Teixeira da Costa
– Communications in Mathematical Physics
Almost exact Mendelian randomization
MJ Tudball, GD Smith, Q Zhao
Confounder Selection: Objectives and Approaches
FR Guo, AR Lundborg, Q Zhao
Polynomial time guarantees for sampling based posterior inference in high-dimensional generalised linear models
R Altmeyer
Algebraic independence of topological Pontryagin classes
S Galatius, O Randal-Williams
The positive scalar curvature cobordism category
J Ebert, O Randal-Williams
– Duke Mathematical Journal
COVID-19 risk perception and hoax beliefs in the US immediately before and after the announcement of President Trump's diagnosis
L-M Tanase, J Kerr, ALJ Freeman, CR Schneider
– Royal Society open science
COVID-19 risk perception and hoax beliefs in the US immediately before and after the announcement of President Trump's diagnosis
L-M-A Tanase, J Kerr, ALJ Freeman, CR Schneider
– Royal Society Open Science
Sample-constrained partial identification with application to selection bias
MJ Tudball, RA Hughes, K Tilling, J Bowden, Q Zhao
– Biometrika
Unifying the Brascamp-Lieb Inequality and the Entropy Power Inequality
V Anantharam, V Jog, C Nair
– IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
Linearized Wave-Damping Structure of Vlasov--Poisson in $\mathbb{R}^3$
J Bedrossian, N Masmoudi, C Mouhot
– SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
Cosmological Results from the RAISIN Survey: Using Type Ia Supernovae in the Near Infrared as a Novel Path to Measure the Dark Energy Equation of State
DO Jones, KS Mandel, RP Kirshner, S Thorp, PM Challis, A Avelino, D Brout, C Burns, RJ Foley, YC Pan, DM Scolnic, MR Siebert, R Chornock, WL Freedman, A Friedman, J Frieman, L Galbany, E Hsiao, L Kelsey, GH Marion, RC Nichol, PE Nugent, MM Phillips, A Rest, AG Riess, M Sako, M Smith, P Wiseman, WM Wood-Vasey
– The Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics
A Ramsey characterisation of eventually periodic words
M-R Ivan, I Leader, LQ Zamboni
– Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society
High-dimensional changepoint estimation with heterogeneous missingness
B Follain, T Wang, RJ Samworth
– Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B (Statistical Methodology)