Samuel Muñoz-Echániz

I am a third-year PhD student at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Oscar Randal-Williams.

I am interested in the interplay between algebraic and geometric topology of high-dimensional manifolds.

My email address is .


A Weiss-Williams theorem for spaces of embeddings and the homotopy type of spaces of long knots. pdf arXiv.

Mapping class groups of h-cobordant manifolds. pdf arXiv.

Forthcoming and past talks

15th January 2024 - Geometry & Topology Seminar (University of Glasgow)

28th November 2023 - Spaces of Manifolds: Algebraic and Geometric Approaches (Banff International Research Station) (recording)

25th July 2023 - Workshop: Algebraic K-theory of spaces (University of Regensburg) (recording)

16th February 2023 - AGATA Seminar (University of Warwick)

1st November 2022 - MHTRT-Seminar (Online)