Lukas Kofler's homepage

Lukas Kofler

Welcome to my webpage! I am a third year PhD student at the University of Cambridge.
My supervisor is Tony Scholl.

You can send me an email at lukas.kofler(at)maths(dot)cam(dot)ac(dot)uk. My office is E0.12.

My research interests are algebraic number theory and the Langlands programme, especially the special fibre of Shimura varieties, their stratifications, and the Langlands-Kottwitz method.

  • In Easter 2022, Guillem Garcia Tarrach and I organised a reading group on the Arthur-Selberg Trace Formula for GL2.
  • Some notes

  • I wrote my Smith-Knight Prize Essay on plectic Hodge structures and equivariant sheaves.
  • A note on the Langlands-Rapoport Conjecture for PEL Shimura varieties: matching isogeny classes with admissible gerbe homomorphisms
  • My Part III essay on the Grunwald-Wang theorem.