Jack Smith

I am a College Associate Lecturer, and the Director of Studies in Pure Mathematics, at St John's College, Cambridge. I am also an Affiliated Lecturer in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.

Previously I was a visiting researcher at the Fields Institute, Toronto, a postdoc at University College London, and a PhD student of Ivan Smith.

Here you can find my thesis, me on arXiv, and my department profile page.

I can be contacted by email at j.smith AT dpmms.cam.ac.uk.

I am pleased to support effective charities through Giving What We Can.


My main interests are in mirror symmetry and in interactions between algebra and Floer theory.

Research papers:

On arXiv you will also find the preprint Generating the Fukaya categories of compact toric varieties (here), but this is superseded by Superfiltered \(A_\infty\)-deformations... and work in progress so will probably not end up being submitted for publication.

Talk slides and videos:


In 2021-22 I am lecturing Part III Differential Geometry. Course resources, including video lectures and example sheets, are available to registered students on the course Moodle page. The course is similar, but not identical, to the one I gave last year.

In June 2018 I gave a short lecture course on K-theory to PhD students at the London School of Geometry and Number Theory. Expanded notes are availble here.