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Some favorite jokes

Heaven and Hell

This joke was told to me some years ago by the philosopher Canon Brian Hebblethwaite, Queens' College .

The only difference between Heaven and Hell is that in each place people do different jobs. In Heaven, the French are the cooks, the British are the policemen, the Germans are the engineers, the Italians are the lovers and the Swiss are the organizers. In Hell, the British are the cooks, the Germans are the policemen, the French are the engineers, the Swiss are the lovers and the Italians are the organizers.


This joke was told to me some years ago by the mathematician Herman Chernoff.

A doctor, a lawyer and a mathematician are discussing whether it is better to have a spouse or an unmarried lover. The doctor points out that considering the dangers of promiscuous sex it is better to be married to one reliable partner. The lawyer disagrees, saying that due to the complications of divorce it is better to have lover, but remain unmarried. The mathematician replies that it is actually best to have both a spouse and a lover. That way you can tell your spouse you are with your lover, and your lover that you are with your spouse - and you can get on with your research.