Research Group


My research has been driven by interactions with  several talented students and collaborators. My   group currently includes the following  people:

phd Students

Michael Liou (statistics)
Zheng Liu (statistics)
Ankit Pensia (CS), jointly advised by Varun Jog
Xiaomin Zhang (CS)


Deepanshu Vasal (postdoc from 2016-2017, now at Northwestern University)
Andre Wibisono (postdoc from 2016-2018, now at Yale)
Min Xu (department postdoc at UPenn from 2015-2018, now at Rutgers)
Justin Khim (PhD in statistics, 2019, UPenn, now at Amazon)
Zhili Feng (masters in CS, 2019, UW-Madison)
Ashley Hou (masters in ECE, 2019, UW-Madison)
Elisa Ou (masters in ECE, 2019, UW-Madison)
Muni Sreenivas Pydi (masters in ECE, 2019, UW-Madison)
Duzhe Wang (PhD in statistics, 2020, UW-Madison, now at Eli Lilly)