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Inside (Mathematical) Interests:

I am interested in coalgebras, which means I am interested in all things Pure, half of things Applied and Graduate Students...

Outside Interests:

Violinmaking: Tuesdays during term-time is spent at the Violin Workshop. The present project is a double bass, so that should keep me busy for a year or two.

Running: With 4 (slow marathons) and a generous number of halfs to date, the present project is a trail marathon Waterbeach - Ely - Waterbeach.

Viola: I can recommend the Cambridge Sinfonietta enthusiastically. That's Thursday evenings in term time.

Sailing: My dinghy is a Mirror. My home water is the Cam Sailing Club.

Contact Details:

Marj Batchelor, DPMMS, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, etc...
Room C.1.40

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