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I first visited China in 2001 as a walker in the 6th Edition of Les Foulees de la Soie. I met an extraordinary language, and a country hurtling at breakneck speed on a collision course with the West. I learned to run, continued studying Chinese, and returned with Foulees de la Soie in 2004. The relationship developed from there, under the benign guidance of the hand of serendipity. A first voyage to Linyi in Shandong Province intending to teach English conversation saw me instead teaching a mixed selection of representations of sl(2), group actions on graphs, and Fourier analysis. In Chinese. This later matured into the 2009 Linyi summer school. Plans are developing for a 2010 Linyi Summer School, 16 August - 5 September.

Dunes at Dunhuang

Linyi Summer School documents:

The report on the 2009 Summer School is available here

Chinese Essays and Letters to Linyi:

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