Slides of talks

I have slides for many of the talks which I have given in recent years, and some from further back. When I have slides available and some of the material covered is not in one of the papers which I am otherwise putting on my site, I shall try to put them on this page


Here are some talks which I cannot reliably date. If anyone recognises and can place them then I shall be happy to know.

A talk called Stone Duality gives old general observations about Categorical Logic.

A seemingly untitled talk links Scott's D-infinity model of the lambda calculus with polarised linear logic and Girard's Ludics.

A talk titled Proofs in Pictures was written in the early days of what are now called String Diagrams, presumably just after I learnt from John Baez of the diagrammatic approach to the Frobenius Theorem on Division Algebras.

Another untitled talk on Polarised Linear Logic gives an overview of some relevant Category Theory.


In July 1995 Dana Scott received an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh. Mike Fourman organised a meeting by way of informal celebration, and I gave a talk celebrating the Scott's time as Professor of Mathematical Logic at Oxford. The talk was called Dana Scott: The Oxford Years.

In September 1995 I gave a series of four lectures at a summer school on Semantics and Logics of Computation at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge. My title was Game Semantics. The treatment in these slides differs from that in the corresponding paper.

In July 1996 I was an invited speaker at the Association of Symbolic Logic meeting in San Sebastian-Donostia, and at the last minute was asked also to give a Tutorial. The invited lecture was Proof as Process and the tutorial Linear Logic.

At the 11th International Workshop, Computer Science Logic. Aarhus, August 1997 I gave an invited lecture Constructing Categories of Abstract Games.

I gave an Invited Lecture Sequentiality
at Mathematical Foundations of Progamming Semantics XIV, Queen Mary, London, May 1998.
The work described is joint with Robin Cockett and Andrea Schalk. I hope sometime to describe the relation with other abstract game models.


At the Joint AMS/SMF Meeting, Lyon, July 2001, Special Session: Logic and Interaction, I gave an Invited Lecture Interaction of Strategies by Composition of Interleavings.
It reports on joint work with Andrea Schalk.

In March 2006 I made a trip to Kuwait as a guest of KFAS, the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. I gave two long lectures at Kuwait University, the first being formally part of the Kuwait Lecture Series which is a component of the Kuwait Mathematics Programme at Cambridge, and the second being a more specialist lecture.
The abstract of the first and abstract of the second lecture give some idea of what is in the slides.
Kuwait Lecture: Algebra and Logic
Further Lecture: Higher Dimensional Categories

I also gave a couple of lectures at the 34eme Ecole de Printemps en Informatique Théorique whose subject was Jeux en sémantique et vérification.
EPIT 2006, Le de Re, May-June 2006. Lectures: Games and Logic

3rd Workshop on Formal Topology, Padova, May 2007. Lecture: Formal Topology and Commutative Algebra

Workshop on Proof Theory in Mathematics, MPIM, Bonn, June 2007. Lecture: Propositions as Types

Category Theory 2007. Carvoeiro, Algarve, Portugal, June 2007. Invited Lecture: Fibrations in Logic

Colloquium in Honor of Giuseppe Longo, Paris, June 2007. Lecture: Modelling the Impossible

LICS 2007 and Logic Colloquium 2007 (Joint Session) Wroclaw July 2007. Invited Lecture: Combinatorics of Proofs

28th Marktoberdorf Summer School August 2007. Slides from Course: Abstract and Concrete Models of Recursion

Domains IX, Ninth Workshop on Domain Theory, Sussex, September 2008. Invited Lecture: Some Reasons for Generalizing Domain Theory

TACL 2009: Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic, Amsterdam, July 2009. Invited Lecture: Multicategories in and around Logic

International Workshop on Categorical Logic (Satellite Workshop of MFCS and CSL 2010), Brno, August 2010. Invited Lecture: Sorts of Algebraic Theories


Mathematical Foundations of Program Semantics, Bath, June 2012. Invited Lecture: Some Mathematical Foundations of Game Semantics

Samson@60 2013 A Conference in Honour of Samson Abramsky, on the event of his 60th Birthday, Oxford, May 2013. Invited talk: Algebra and Diagrams in the Lambda Calculus

GlynnFest: a workshop to honour Glynn Winskel, Cambridge, June 2013. Invited talk: Elements of a theory of algebraic theories

A Scientific Meeting in honour of Antonino Salibra, Paris, July 2013. Invited talk: A Hypermodern View of the Lambda Calculus

Samuel Eilenberg Centenary Conference, Warsaw, July 2013. Invited talk: 45 Years On: Some Abstract Mathematics of Eilenberg

A scientific meeting in honor of Pierre-Louis Curien, Venice, September 2013. Invited talk: A Dialectica-style Interpretation of Type Theory (I have not bothered to correct the mistaken statement about extensionality contained in this talk.)

Workshop in Quantum Mechanics and Computation, Oxford, October 2013. Invited talk: Functional Interpretations of Type Theory

XXV incontro dell'Associazione Italiana di Logica e sue Applicazioni, Pisa, April 2014. Invited talk: Models for Type Theory A recording of the talk can be found at

Journees de la Federation de recherche en mathematiques de Paris-Centre, Paris, May 2014 Invited talk: Operads and Algebraic Theories

Category Theory 2014, Cambridge, June 2014. Invited talk: Constructing Hyperdoctrines: Towards a Model Theory of Type Theory

In July 2017 I paid a research visit to the University of Genova and gave a general Colloquium Logic Hidden in Mathematics. After a quick break in Lyon, I stayed on to teach at a Summer School Logic: a Mathematical Perspective