Exceptional splittings of abelian surfaces

Study group on exceptional splittings of abelian surfaces

Rong Zhou and I are organising a study group on Arakelov intersection theory on Shimura varieties, focusing on a paper of Shankar and Tang. The talks are at 2.30 pm on Thursdays in MR15.

Paper: [link]
Schedule: [pdf]

Distribution of talks:

Date Topic Speaker
14 October Introduction Jef
21 October Hilbert modular surfaces Sam
28 October Arakelov theory and Faltings height Lukas
4 November Archimedean computation: part 1 Guillem
11 November Archimedean computation: part 2 Dmitri
18 November Non-archimedean computation: part 1 Kenny
25 November Non-archimedean computation: part 2 ??
2 December Finishing up Tony