Yoav Zemel

I am a Research Associate at the Statistical Laboratory, mentored by Professor Richard Samworth.

I am also College Research Associate at Magdalene College.

Statistical Laboratory, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WB.

Room D0.20 (Pavillion D)

lastname@statslab.cam.ac.uk (replace the first 8 characters by my surname)

(+44) 01223 339792

Short Biography

2007-2010 B.Sc. in mathematics and economics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, summa cum laude
2010-2012 M.Sc. in applied mathematics, orientated in Statistics and Financial Mathematics, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
2012-2017 PhD, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, advised by Professor Victor M. Panaretos
2017 Postdoctoral researcher, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
2018-2019 SNSF Early Postdoc.Mobility Fellow, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, mentored by Professor Axel Munk

Book (open access!)

Panaretos, V. M. & Zemel, Y. (2020)
An Invitation to Statistics in Wasserstein Spaces
Springer Briefs in Probability & Mathematical Statistics.

The above link points to the publisher website. See also the dedicated page.

Publications and preprints

Also available on my Google Scholar profile.

Heinemann, F., Munk, A., & Zemel, Y. (2022)
Randomised Wasserstein barycenter computation: Resampling with statistical guarantees.
SIAM Journal of Mathematics of Data Science 4(1):229-259. The accompanying R package WSGeometry is available from CRAN

Klatt, M., Munk, A., & Zemel, Y. (2020+)
Limit laws for empirical optimal solutions in stochastic linear programs.
Annals of Operations Research, in press

Galasso, B., Zemel, Y. & de Carvalho, M. (2018+)
Bayesian semiparametric modelling of phase-varying point processes.
Electronic Journal of Statistics (in press). The accompanying R package Rmpp is available from GitHub

Zemel, Y. & Panaretos, V. M. (2019)
Fréchet Means and Procrustes Analysis in Wasserstein Space.
Bernoulli 25(2):932-976

Masarotto, V., Panaretos, V. M. & Zemel, Y. (2019)
Procrustes metrics on covariance operators and optimal transportation of Gaussian processes.
Invited paper, Special Issue on Manifold Statistics, Sankhya A 81(1):172-213

Panaretos, V. M. & Zemel, Y. (2019)
Statistical Aspects of Wasserstein Distances.
Annual Review of Statistics and its Applications 6:405-431

Sommerfeld, M., Schrieber, J., Zemel, Y. & Munk, A. (2019)
Optimal Transport: Fast probabilistic Approximation with Exact Solvers.
Journal of Machine Learning Research 20(105):1-23

Henshaw, J. M. & Zemel, Y. (2017)
A unified measure of linear and nonlinear selection on quantitative traits.
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8(5):604-614
This paper won the Robert May Prize, awarded to the first author by convention.
R code available on GitHub

Panaretos, V. M. & Zemel, Y. (2016)
Amplitude and phase variation of point processes.
The Annals of Statistics 44(2):771-812
The accompanying R package Rmpp is available from GitHub

Other publications

Zemel, Y. (2020)
Discussion on "Functional models for time-varying random objects" by P. Dubey & H.-G. Müller.
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B 82(2):316


Lent 2020: Topics in Statistical Theory

February 2021: Short course: Introduction to optimal transport in statistics at the Swiss Doctoral School in Statistics and Applied Probability