Dr. Yu Wang


Statistical Laboratory
Department of Pure Math and Matematical Sciences
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK, CB3 0WB
Email: yw323 at cam.ac.uk


I am now a postdoctoral research associate in Stats-Lab, Department of Pure Math and Mathematical Statistics, University of Cambridge. I am co-supervised by Prof. John Aston and Dr. Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb. I achieved my PhD degree in Computer Science from University of Cambridge, UK in 2016, supervised by Dr. Ian Wassell.

My research mainly focuses on machine learning topics. Specifically, I actively research with variational Bayesian inference, deep learning, generative models, and sparsity learning.

During my PhD, I was extremingly keen in investigating the mysterious Bayesian algorithms by bridging them with the underlying closed form optimization formulations. I believe by understanding these hidden connections, boosting the model towards more successful inference and regression is possible. My research also pays much emphasis on sparsity and low rank driven machine learning phenomenon. Based on my research, I developed novel efficient statistical Bayesian models for clustering, recognition, classification and generative tasks.

One of my favorite work was to successfully derive the closed form sparsity driven cost function hidden behind the hierarchical statistical clustering techniques (published in ICML 2015). My latest (UAI 2017) work introduces deep recurrent network into the Variational auto encoder (VAE), which enables to recycle the dirty data (See the paper for what I mean)!

(I recently moved so I no longer update this website. )


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