Tutorial Spring 2005 website

This is the website for the Tutorial ``Complex Multiplication" that I'm running with Sug Woo Shin; here are some materials for this tutorial.

------ time

Meetings: Wednesdays 4:15-6:15pm, at Science Center 232.
Office Hours: Thursdays 3-4pm, at Sug Woo's office Science Center 421e.

------ syllabus

  • [pdf] Tentative Syllabus

    ------ notes

  • [pdf] Notes on Algebraic Number Theory (including Linear Algebra / Galois Theory / some more - with NO prerequisite at all) (last update: April 25, 2005, added some homological algebra)

  • [pdf] Notes on Elliptic Functions / Modular Functions (last update: Mar. 3, 2005, Section 8 expanded, now the basic congruence proven.)

  • [ 1: pdf ] [ 2: pdf ] exercises for Sug Woo's lectures

  • [pdf] Suggestions for Final Projects

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