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I am a university lecturer at DPMMS, University of Cambridge. My research area is algebraic number theory, and my graduate school advisors were Kazuya Kato, Takeshi Saito and Richard Taylor.

As a staff fellow of Trinity Hall, I work with Tadashi Tokieda and Tom Körner among others.

Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics,
Centre for Mathematical Sciences E1.02,
University of Cambridge,
Wilberforce Road, Cambridge, CB3 0WB, UK

Email: teruyoshi _at_
T.Yoshida _at_

CV: [pdf]

I'm organising:

  • Number Theory Seminar (Tuesdays)
  • study group on Arithmetic Geometry (Fridays).

  • Cambridge, UK. (May 2010)



    • [amazon] The fundamental theorem of Galois theory (in Japanese), Gendai-Shisou, 39-5 (April 2011), 70-90. Notes: [pdf]
    • [amazon] Outlook on the Langlands conjecture (in Japanese), Mathematical Sciences, 49-1 (January 2011), 46-53.
    • [amazon] Developments in non-abelian class field theory (in Japanese), Sugaku-Seminar, 49-3 (March 2010), 24-29.
    • [amazon] Teiji Takagi and the enigma of class field theory (in Japanese), Gendai-Shisou, 37-15 (Dec. 2009), 130-141.
    • [amazon] Class field theory and modern mathematics (in Japanese), Gendai-Shisou, 36-14 (Nov. 2008), 138-153.
    • [amazon] Sugaku-no-Tanoshimi 2008 (in Japanese), Nippon-Hyoron-sha, 2008.
      (articles: "Introduction to class field theory", "Introduction to automorphic forms", "The Langlands correspondence and Shimura varieties", and "Compatible system of Galois reprsentations and its modularity".)
    • [pdf] On modern mathematics (in Japanese), a talk at Junior & Senior High School at Komaba, University of Tsukuba, Tokyo, 2011.

    (let me know if you are interested in visiting Cambridge UK)

    (does not mean that I'll be there)

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