Corrections to the Pleasures of Counting not in first reprint

From Richard Hardwick,

On page X, email and http have changed from pmms to dpmms. (TWK says, whoops! this should certainly have been corrected in the reprint, but was not.)

On page 270, not: at^2 + bt + c = a(t + b/ a)^2+... but: at^2 + bt + c = a(t + b/2a)^2+...

From Hans Schneebeli

The last sentence of Exercise 8.2.3 (i) on page 170 must be replaced by `Show that if g'(x)>0 for |x|\leq a, then g(a)>g(-a) and that if 0>g'(x) for |x|\leq a, then g(-a)>g(a).'

Bruce Atwood gently points out to me that even when I wrote Section 17.4 WHO was already starting a campaign to eradicate polio. There should certainly be a note of this perhaps on page 446.

Page 58 side note. Anders Mjelde has found a written source in. `Pursuit - The Chase and Sinking of the Bismarck' (1974) Ludovic Kennedy though it suggests human rather than machine error.

Page 389 I would add a side note to last sentence. At Hinsley's memorial service the first reading was taken from II Kings 6, verses 8--12.

Michael Basler, my long suffering translator has discovered a long list of corrections.

Page 117 second formula. Remove the pi.

Page 124 between second and third formula replace `complete system' by `complete set'.

Page 142, line 6. system S' of the observer on the ship

Page 169 Last line before Exercise 8.2.2 should have -2 not -4 to give pi=8 Delta^{*}-2.

Page 184 Exercise 8.3.2 (iv) second line last formula should read (X_{0},Y_{0})=(0,0).

Page 190 Replace C. L. von W by C. [F.] von W. (The misprint is Richardson's.) [Perhaps add note referring readers to W. Heisenberg `On the theory of isotropic turbulence' Proceedings of the Royal Society 195A, 1948-9 pages 402-6 if they wish to trace references.]

Page 195 Formula (9.2) replace -beta x by -beta y.

Page 227 Line 8 H. Lauwerier [not Lauwrier]

Page 248 Closing brackets missing twice. Should read (156-49) both times.

Page 248 Add `years' after 2000.

Page 258 Germany was formally united in 1871, not 1870.

Page 277 8th line replace `set y_{j}=x_{j-1}' by `set y_{j}=x_{j}'; 9th line replace `set y_{j}=x_{j}' by `set y_{j}=y_{j-1}'; 10th line replace `set y_{n}=x_{n-1}' by `set y_{n}=x_{n}';11th line replace `set y_{n}=x_{n}' by `set y_{n}=y_{n-1}'

Page 339 -7th line: for every letter e [not E]

Page 340 Second set of equations one bracket ( is raised above the line. It should not be.

Page 341 Last line alpha should be omega.

Page 342 First line first formula w_{j}\neq W_{j}.

Page 351 (A clarification rather than a correction.) Add (P)(U) to the cycle form in Exercise 14.1.3.

Page 352 More or less 7th line. Extra ) to give (which is just a rearrangement of the alphabet A, B, \dots.)

Page 356 Last paragraph of proof of Lemma 14.2.3. Replace l=1 by i=1 in the union and the sum.

Page 388 The quotation `Our ciphers were checked ...' is from [49] page 324.

Page 447 Replace `Herr Ulbricht' by `Comrade Ulbricht'

Page 520 Reference to page 435, Darwin. Chapter XII not XI.

Page 525 Reference [138] should have author H. Lauwerier

Page 520 reference for Page 392. A direct reference is to page 228 `The Monadology and Other Philosophical Writings' G. Leibnitz, English translation by R. Latta, Oxford University Press 1898.

Professor A. Pinkus points out a misprint Page 268, Braess produced his example in 1968 not 1988. Professor Braess maintains a home page with a list of papers which discuss his remarkable result.

I have carefully lost the e-mail but a group of concerned citizens from the Cambridge Computer Laboratory point out that the sensible strategy in Exercise 4.4.2~(iv) is that the team not only replace the failed double BUT ALSO replace any failed singles (instead of leaving them in place). The maths becomes a lot harder (they did a simulation, but I think a back of the envelope calculation is possible) and double neons then become the cheapest option.

Further corrections (Clive Long)

p 119 Line -4 Square v. Thus tau_{1}=ga/v^{2}, tau_{1}=gh/v^{2}.

p 121 Line 7 rho should be in square brackets.

Corections from Terry Gagen

Middle page 284. Two errors cancelling out

`each requiring N-1 new games' rather than `each requiring N new games'

`total number of games required less than or equal to (n-1)+(n-2)(N-1) less than or equal to (n-1)+(n-1)(N-1)=(n-1)N'

Exercise 11.4.13

Second formula in part (ii) replace (n/2) to power n by ((n+1)/2)to power n.

Last line but three replace `Deduce, in particular, that' `Deduce our formula'

Final formula replace `2 to power ((N-1)2 to power N)' by `2 to power (N 2 to power N)'

Correction from Ryan Li

Last line of part (i) of Exercise 8.2.3. Replace `then g(-a) Corrections from Robert Bruner

page 353 Konheim not Kronheim

page 416 First formula replace t to power r by t to power r-1.

Correction from Tom Craig

p 247 Third equation down interchange a subscript n with a subscript n-1.

Correction from Mike Pitt

p 407 In exercise 16.2.12 replace equation (*) with 10a_1 + 9 a_2 + 8 a_3 + ... + 3a_8 +2 a_9 + a_10 = 0 mod 11.

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