T^2 gives public lectures un peu partout.  The recent themes were
    toys†, origami (designed and random), modeling (physical phenomena), languages.
    [†`Toy' in this context means an object of daily life which we can find or make almost instantly,
     yet which, if played with imaginatively, exhibits a behavior so surprising that
     it will leave good scientists puzzling over it for quite a while.]
    Occasions from the past decade include

    Holiday Lecture at Courant Institute (twice : 2004, 2009) Ladies and gentlemen, I shall not detain you long... 
    Royal Society Summer Exhibit (2007)
    2008 Popular Lecturer of the London Mathematical Society
    Courant Institute's 75th anniversary celebration (2011) 
    « Un texte, un mathématicien » à la Bibliothèque nationale de France (2012) 
    centenaire de Poincaré à la Sorbonne (2012)   Download pdf.zip
                                          Mathematical Society of Japan (2014)   Download pdf.zip
                                  Women and Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study (2014)
                                  Friends of Stanford Mathematics public lecture (2014)

   The downloadable files show only the pictures/text that were projected on the big screen.
    In the live lectures they are interwoven with many table-top experiments.

    T^2 appeared in the movie Henri Poincaré, l'harmonie et le chaos (2012),
                            mostly as a mathematician but for several minutes as a cook.
    An exhibit of some of his toys was held at Harvard OctoberNovember 2013.        small child playing with wrapping paper
    He regularly teaches short, intensive courses, e.g.
    topology and geometry at African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS, 2003–)   See course material
    and applied mathematics at International Summer School of Mathematics for Young Students (2011–)   See course material

    T^2 is affiliated faculty at AIMS ( http://www.aims.ac.za ) near Cape Town,
    scientific advisor at Museum of Mathematics ( http://momath.org ) in New York, and
    involved in the upcoming museum project at Institut Henri Poincaré ( http://www.ihp.fr ) in Paris.

    He serves on the editorial board of the AIMS book series, Cambridge University Press.
    Many years ago he worked as a braille transliterator.            sciences en germe  
    At Trinity Hall, Cambridge, he sometimes gives tours of its Elizabethan library.