billard d'Anais
  When leaves stop falling, fall starts leaving.


  In biology, cells multiply by dividing.

   TLA : stands for `three-lettered acronym'.

   A wishful thinker's equivalence : if and if only . . .


   `If the professor does not scold the student, then the student does not study.'
   A statement being equivalent to its contrapositive, it must be equivalent to say
   `If the student studies, then the professor scolds the student.'

   By the induction hypnosis . . .

   wlog = without lots of generality.

   This is a snooperism
   Almost all mathematicians draw a cube like this  wrong way to draw a cube , but this picture is impossible.
   If any of the angles looked 90°, we should be seeing just 1 square face or 2 rectangular faces at most.

   In German exit = Ausgang, emergency exit = Notausgang.

Un anneau sans idéal se réduit à un corps.

   `To be or not to be'—that is the answer rather than the question.
   The question was : `What are the square roots of 4b^2 ?'

The name of the Arctic has to do with its greatest inhabitants, polar bears :
   in Greek  ἄρκτος  means `bear'.
It follows that Antarctica is an unbearable by tom mangelsen 
   Two wrongs do not make a right, but three lefts do.

   Nursery teacher : `When ice melts, what do you get ?'  One boy answered : `Spring.'