T^2 grew up as a painter in Japan, became a classical philologist in France,
   learnt basic mathematics from Russian collections of problems
(сборники задач), then

  superball under table
   was taught topology by W. Browder
   physics of fluids by 
   dynamical systems by A. Chenciner, inter alia.
   He has lived in 6 countries so far.

   Ph.D. Princeton (1996)
   Stephan & Thomas Körner Fellow
                     and Director of Studies in Mathematics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge (2004–)
   Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard (2013–14) 
   Halmos-Ford Award of the Mathematical Association of America (2014) 
   Poincaré Professorship at Stanford (2015
   Blok Award and Lectureship of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (2016)       
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