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For the 2017-8 academic year, I am on fellowship and not lecturing. I am supervising Part IA Groups for Homerton College.

Courses at Cambridge:

Michaelmas 2017
Part IA - Groups
Lent 2016
Part IB - Geometry
Michaelmas 2016
Part IA - Groups
Lent 2016
Topics in Algebraic Geometry - K3 Surfaces
Instructor for graduate course
Lent 2016
Part II - Algebraic Geometry

Courses at Penn:
Summer 2011
Math 170 (Ideas in Mathematics)
Instructor for course
Fall 2011
Math 116 (Honors Calculus I)
TA for Prof. Andreea Nicoara
Spring 2012
Math 104 (Integral Calculus and Series)
TA for Prof. Radmila Sazdanovic
Summer 2014
Math 103 (Introduction to Calculus)
TA for Instr. Nakia Rimmer
Online Course
For the 2011-2 year, I received the SAS Dean's Award for Distinguished Teaching by a Graduate Student and the Penn Math Good Teaching Award for Math 116.

Courses at Georgia:
Fall 2008
Math 2200 (Calculus for non-majors)
TA for Instr. Cherilyn Rumely
Spring 2009
Math 2200 (Calculus for non-majors)
TA for Dr. Svetlana Krat