T.K. Carne


Kings College

Research interests: Analysis

Office: C1.08

Phone: 37989

Email: T.K.Carne@dpmms.cam.ac.uk

Lecture Notes and Example Sheets

My notes and example sheets for these courses are available as PDF files, which can be viewed and printed with the Acrobat reader available free from Adobe.

Click on the links below to see the files:

Codes and Cryptography: Lent 2015

Lectures LectureNotes.pdf
Exercise 1 Exercise_1.pdf
Exercise 2 Exercise_2.pdf
Exercise 3 Exercise_3.pdf
Exercise 4 Exercise_4.pdf

Geometry and Groups: Michalemas 2012

Lecture Notes GeometryandGroups.pdf
Corrections Corrections.pdf
Sample Section I questions Sample.pdf
Reminder of results from earlier courses Appendix.pdf
Example Sheet 1 Exercise1.pdf
Example Sheet 2 Exercise2.pdf
Example Sheet 3 Exercise3.pdf
Example Sheet 4 Exercise4.pdf

(Supervisors may obtain an annotated version of the example sheets from DPMMS.)

Geometry: Lent 2009

Exercise 1 Exercise_1
Exercise 2 Exercise_2
Exercise 3 Exercise_3
Outline Notes Chapter 1
Outline Notes Chapter 2

Complex Differential Equations: Lent 2008

Exercise 1 Exercise_1.pdf
Exercise 2 Exercise_2.pdf
Exercise 2 answers Exercise_2_answers.pdf
Exercise 3 Exercise_3.pdf
Exercise 3 answers Exercise_3_answers.pdf
Weierstrass products Weierstrass.pdf
List of Painleve Transcendents Painleve.pdf

Riemann Surfaces and Discrete Groups: Lent 2007

PDF PostScript
Notes Chapter 1 Chapter1.pdf Chapter1.ps
Notes Chapter 2 Chapter2.pdf Chapter2.ps
Notes Chapter 3 Chapter3.pdf Chapter3.ps
Notes Chapter 4 Chapter4.pdf Chapter4.ps
Notes Chapter 5 Chapter5.pdf Chapter5.ps
Notes Chapter 6 Chapter6.pdf Chapter6.ps
Notes Chapter 7 Chapter7.pdf Chapter7.ps
Notes Chapter 8 Chapter8.pdf Chapter8.ps
Exercise 1 Exercise_1.pdf Exercise_1.ps
Exercise 2 Exercise_2.pdf Exercise_2.ps
Exercise 3 Exercise_3.pdf Exercise_3.ps
References References.pdf References.ps
Mock Examination MockExam.pdf MockExam.ps

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