Making Whoopee in Cambridge </HEAD> <BODY > <head> <title>

MR 12, CMS, 27/vi

This is not a workshop; as Alexei Sayle says:
``Anyone talking about going to a workshop who isn't engaged in light engineering is a wanker''

We aim to have the first talk at 1130, then break for lunch, and then have the remaining talks in the afternoon. I shall bring in some provisions for lunch; as for what we do about dinner, I am postponing a decision to nearer the time.

The following treats will be served up, in an order yet to be determined

David Bradley-Williams

``Jordan groups and trees of B-sets''

or perhaps

``Constructing limits of betweenness relations''

Clive Newstead

``Permutation models, topological groups and Ramsey actions''

Philipp Kleppmann

``Nielsen-Schreier: Läuchli showed that N-S fails in the basic Fraenkel model''

Thomas Forster.

``Synonymy questions related to NF''.

Lovkush Agarwal

``Reducts of aleph-zero categorical structures''