(Last updated 2/v/04)

The following typos have come to my notice so far:

p. 6 penultimate line of second para: delete second occurrence of `about'

p. 7 bottom of last line. last word should be `from'.

p. 8 The sentence beginning on line 3 of the footnote has been decapitated. It should read: ``This has resulted in some foolish radical-sceptical argumentation to the effect that correctness proofs can be of no effect.''

p 10. The reference to Lederman-Vajda is to vol V (part B) of Wiley's Handbook of Applicable Mathematics.

p 11 line -4. Two `)' are missing in the set abstracts.

p 12 last line of first para: `and' should be `are'.

p. 36. First line of paragraph 3.2.3: the word `that' is missing after `philosophy'.

p 52 start of line 5 of the text. the `-' in the formula should be a `+'

p 79. Penultimate line of the fifth paragraph: the italicised word `times' is of course meant to be a multiplication sign

(Thanks to Dennis Hamilton and Giovanna Corsi for contributions)