Set Theory and Logic Seminar Set Theory and Logic

Set Theory and Logic

We meet in Meeting Room 12 at 14:00 on wednesdays in full term. I will not return from New Zealand until the 21st october so the first few meetings will presumably be organised by Vu Dang or Zachiri McKenzie.
The only speaker arranged so far for Michaelmas 2008 is Prof Hyland, who will talk about FM models and countably categorical theories. This will be some time in november, the exact date to be announced later.
There may end up being a theme to these meetings. I am a great believer in the practice of meeting every week whatever happens so that people get used to the idea that that time means that activity - homo sapiens is a creature of habit after all - so it may be that we will sustain a background activity of getting through the Bagaria notes: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 and Part 5 and/or using the slot for my Part IV course.

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