Cameleon One-Day Event: 11th December. CAMELEON

CAMELEON (CAMbridgE LEeds Or Norwich) exists to further links between logicians at the three universities its name alludes to. It has funding from The London Mathematical Society and The St Luke's Institute.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 11th December 2007. Venue: Congregation Hall 01.07. University of East Anglia Norwich


10:00-10:30 tea in the lecture room

10:30-11:15 Ken Gemes Logical Content

(See also the article: A New Theory of Content )

11:20 -12:05 Dang Vu: In the hereditarily symmetric sets every set is the same size as a set of singletons.

12:10 -12:55 John Truss: Countable homogeneous coloured partial orders

13-14 lunch on campus

14:00-14:45 Eleni Maistrelli Paley and Extremal Ramsey graphs

14:50- 15:35 David Evans, UEA

Title: Hrushovski amalgamation classes and strong order properties.

Abstract: We look at the model theory of a class of structures first constructed in 1988 by Ehud Hrushovski using a variation on the method of amalgamation classes. We are particularly interested in where these structures fit in Shelah's hierarchy of strong order properties SOP_n. This is joint work with my former PhD student Mark Wong.

15:40-16:10 tea in the lecture room

16:10-16:55 Johannes Siemons: Errors in Graphs, and how to correct them.

17:00 closing and drinks in the maths department common room

Cameleon in April 2008 in Cambridge

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