Fraenkel-Mostowski Methods Reading Group
We meet 14:30 - 16:00 in MR 15 on mondays.
We are going to start by reading Jech: The Axiom of Choice

Here are my ``write-it-down-to-get-it-straight-in-your-own-mind'' notes on FM methods. They tail off a bit in the second half, since they contain a correspondence in which Jamie Gabbay attempts personfully to explain his stuff to me. So it contains lots of daft questions! At the very end however, is a bibliography. So once your reading takes you to something that is opaque, skip forward!

Here is the scanned bit of Felgner.
Here is the scanned bit of Truss.

It might be an idea to go to Prof. Pitts' lectures on Nominal Sets in the Lent term; computer lab (W*****m G***s bldg) wednesdays at 10, room FW09 wks 5-8

Materials for 1a Computer Science.
Materials for 1b Computer Science.
Materials for Part III Mathematics .
Materials for Logic-For-Linguists.
Materials for Part II Mathematics .
Materials for Part IV Mathematics .
Materials for the M.Phil. in Computer Science .