Computer Science M.Phil. Teaching Materials for the Michaelmas Term Logic Module

The notes from which I shall lecture this course are to be found here. They are not guaranteed to be bug-free: the file represents work-in-progress. I am not certain at this stage how much of the material in it will actually be covered, and there is no suggestion that possession of hard copy of it is a substitute for attending the course and taking notes! Nevertheless I am expecting it to be very useful to students following this course.

Here is the discussion of the truth-functional arrow that I promised on my lecture on th 4/x.
This is, as the lab's page says, a course in Logic. Nevertheless there are two areas that are not covered at all. One is set theory, and the other is computability theory, the theory of computable functions. They were not in the original specification for this course, but - more to the point - there is a set theory course for the CS M.Phil. course that is lectured in Lent term by Professor Winskel, and there is a Part III Maths course in computable functions lectured by me, also in Lent. There is no administrative structure for CS M.Phil. students to be examined on it, but it may well be suitable for them.
Materials for 1b Computer Science.
Materials for 1a Computer Science .
Materials for Part III Mathematics .
Materials for Logic-For-Linguists.
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