Computer Science 1b Teaching Materials
Logic and Proof
Here are some assorted questions on Logic and proof (mainly of my own devising) with answers. It also contains assorted answers to old exam questions and exercises in Prof. Paulson's notes.
Here is a two-page file on the use of the various arrow and turnstile symbols used in that course.
Here is a file of useful material on a unification algorithm .

Foundations of Functional Programming
Here are some discussions of old tripos questions in Foundations of Functional Programming . In particular, here is a discussion of 2015 paper 6 question 4

Computation Theory
Here is a discussion of the last part of 2009 paper 6 question 3 .
Here is the pdf file of the notes of Richard Crouch's second-year course at the University of Nottingham on Languages, Computation and Automata . They do not correspond directly to any one 1b course here, but students might find them useful: they are very meaty.

I found this rather nice lambda-calculus reduction workbench. I hope you will find it fun.

Here are my supervision notes for assorted CS topics . They are messages to myself, and come with no guarantees....
This is a model tripos question for .... well, i'm not sure. It just might be a teeny bit hard for 1a discrete maths but is probably too easy for 1b.
Materials for 1a Computer Science .
Materials for Part III Mathematics .
Materials for Logic-For-Linguists.
Materials for Part II Mathematics .
Materials for Part IV Mathematics .
Materials for the Computer Science M. Phil .