1a Mathematics Teaching Materials:

Here are my Lecture Notes on Discrete Mathematics.

Health warning:
These notes started off as my notes - for lecturing from - when I was lecturing DM at Queen Mary - to Computer Science students as it happens - and in making them available I am giving no guarantees. Word has reached me that Cambridge 1a CS students refer to these notes, so I have tidied them up a bit. Notification of typos, etc, suggestions for improvement, etc, will be received with thanks and attract the usual rewards.
They should be useful to 1a mathmos; the 1a course being followed by my CS readers is a cousin of 1a Numbers-and-Sets: years ago CS Discrete Mathematics and Maths Numbers and sets were the same course. They probably still should be.

Here is a worked example of a proof by course-of-values induction, prepared by Frank King, and included with his permission.
At some point I shall put a link to my discussion notes of Dr Wadsley's 2017 example sheets .

Here are my notes of Dr Camina's 1a Algebra lectures from a couple of years ago.
Here is a file that contains everything you need to know about countability. It also has some instructive exercises. You can skip the appendix if you like but you should definitely read everything before it. It has to be said that Gareth Taylor thinks that they are too sophisticated for 1a maths students. I think he's wrong. (He's not often wrong about paedogogy but we are none of us infallible)

Materials for 1a Computer Science.
Materials for 1b Computer Science.
Materials for Part III Mathematics .
Materials for Logic-For-Linguists.
Materials for Part II Mathematics .
Materials for Part IV Mathematics .
Materials for the M.Phil. in Computer Science .