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Mathematical Links

DPMMS Number Theory Seminar.
COW (Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick - algebraic geometry seminar)
SECANTS (South of England Computational and Algorithmic Number Theory Seminar)
London Number Theory Seminar
Number Theory Web
The mathematics ArXiv
London Mathematical Society
European Mathematical Society
MathSciNet mathematical reviews on the web
AMS Mathematics Subject Classification
Cremona's Elliptic Curves Tables and Tom Womack's tables
Dujella's list of High rank elliptic curves with prescribed torsion
Cremona's list of software packages of interest to number theory
PARI-GP a software package for computer-aided number theory
The Magma Computational Algebra System for algebra, number theory and geometry
A list of TEX symbols taken from Harvard's online TEX manual
Mathematics Site: J.S. Milne especially recommended for the Course Notes
Goss' Hints on Mathematical Writing with the help of J.-P. Serre

Last updated 2nd September 2008