Viner et al's Lancet C&AH School Closures Review

I'm involved in post publication criticism of a 6 April media-amplified systematic review on school closures in the Lancet Child & Adolescent Health, authored by SAGE member and RCPCH president Russell Viner, and colleagues. I have been in email correspondence with the journal and have submitted a letter of correspondence and narrative review to them on this topic.

Viner and colleagues' School closures Narrative Review.
Editorial amplifying Viner's Review, by LC&AH Chief Editor Jane Godsland.
UCL list of (subset of) media coverage of Viner and colleagues' article.

My cover letter sent to prospective auditors, summarising concerns.
My own systematic review on this article, submitted in May 2020.
My letter of correspondence on this article, submitted in April 2020.
My response to Godsland's brief excuse for declining all action.

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