Research Activities

I hold Mathematical degrees from the Universities of Glasgow, Oxford and Cambridge and was Snell Scholar at Balliol, a Lecturer of the House at Christ Church and H. Salvesen Research Fellow at New College.

Someone famous once said that he would never be a member of a club that would have him as a member. That said, I am a member both of the AMS and the LMS. I was also elected a Fellow of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. My Erdos number is 3, and comes via a joint paper with Dave Benson in 1991 (who wrote one with John Conway in 1985, who wrote one with Erdos in 1979).

When I don't know what else to do, I conduct research into the representation theory of groups and algebras. I have particular interest in representations of symmetric, general linear, finite groups of Lie type, quantum linear groups and finally linear algebraic groups over fields of arbitrary characteristic. My doctoral thesis appeared in 1988 and I was the first student ever supervised by Karin Erdmann, for whom see 65.

I have (successfully) acted as PhD supervisor to five students: Lee Russell, now lured to "the City" where he works as at HSBC; Tan Kai Meng who has a position at the National University of Singapore; Matt Fayers, who is at Queen Mary, London and Chris Bowman who is now at City University in London; Ha Thu Nguyen has just finished.

I have two current research students: Amit Hazi (2013--) and Stacey Law (2015--).

For the Mathematics Genealogy Project try here.

A handful of recent papers of mine are listed below.

Decomposition of tensor products of modular irreducible representations for SL_3 (with an appendix by C.M. Ringel) joint with C. Bowman, S.R. Doty and C.M. Ringel. International Electronic J. Algebra 9 (2011), 177--219. See IEJA.

A reciprocity result for projective indecomposable modules of cellular algebras and BGG algebras, joint with C. Bowman. J. Lie Theory 22 (2012), No. 4, 1065--1073. See JOLT.

Decomposition of tensor products of modular irreducible representations for SL_3: the case of large primes joint with C. Bowman and S.R. Doty. Preprint 2011, see arXiv.

A few random mathematical links, mostly for my own benefit. Here is one to MathSciNet.

A useful research resource is the Groups, Representations and Cohomology Preprint Archive maintained by Dave Benson at UGA. Access it here.

The ATLAS and the modular ATLAS projects are mines of information.

Lots of lectures notes are linked at Khovanov.

The arXiv is here

The Bristol Leicester Oxford Colloquium known as BLOC.

It is traditional to end with some links to the websites of mathematicians the author likes to track/is influenced by etc.

New! My book Schur Algebras is apparently out of print. A second more error-free edition is in preparation. I am also writing a grand sweeping introduction to modern representation theory for CUP.

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