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The Martin family genealogy is rather diverse: we're to be found in Kentucky, the Carolinas, Virginia, the Isle of Skye, Combe Martin in Devon and in Tours, France where one William Martin (one of William the Conqueror's general officers), was born to a Nicholas Martin. Nicholas' father Robert Martin came from a family which emerged from Saint Martin of Tours (for whom see Saintly Ancestor.) I don't know if Saint Martin of Tours was celibate but lore (and our existence) indicates that he was not.

I am an Official Fellow of Magdalene College where I have been Director of Studies in Mathematics since my election to a Fellowship in 1990. Magdalene, founded 1428 is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, founded 1209 (thus the institution celebrated its 800'th birthday a couple of yeara back). To mark my own longevity in this place I was elected to the Peckard Fellowship, named after Peter Peckard who became Master of Magdalene in 1781, and later Dean of Peterborough. He is famous for preaching the annual University Sermon at the Feast of St Charles the Martyr against the evils of the slave trade. If you want to know more about Peckard see the site Peckard run by Brycchan Carey.

One of Magdalene's more famous mathematical sons is Edward Waring, after whom a "Problem" is named. He was elected Lucasian Professor of Mathematics in 1760 at the age of 23. Details and a picture of this great man are obtainable at Waring and Wiki (the original picture of Waring drawn by Thomas Kerrich in 1794 hangs on the wall of my College room).

Although not quite in this league, I try to keep out of trouble by being Magdalene's Senior Tutor, a de facto Home Secretary responsible for all aspects of the teaching and tutorial functions within the College. I'm sure that Waring, a notoriously reclusive figure, would have thoroughly disapproved of this. I am also the Admissions Tutor with responsibility for post-offer matters, see Magdalene.

I am also a member of the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics where I hold the title of Affiliated Lecturer. My research lies in representation theory of finite and algebraic groups. For details of my mathematical research activities and even my Erdos number, please see Research.

My Tripos teaching page for 2017/18 is now active, press Teach.

My non-mathematical interests include watching ballet, for which see Covent Garden. My favourite Principal Ballerina remains Yoshida Miyako, OBE who dances every role to perfection. She left the company in 2006 to return to her native Japan, but happily remains a Principal Guest Artist. Other less highfalutin fascinations include global travel, cricket (it was Billy Connolly, I believe, who conjectured that the existence of cricket was the reason aliens have never dared to invade the Earth---so here is a link to Aggers & Co at Test Match Special to keep the "greys" away TMS), trying not to execute a scorched earth policy in my garden and consistently losing money on global equity markets. Other interests are to found on my Facebook page. I have no direct association (other than sharing descent from St Martin) to the other Stuart Martins listed on Facebook (despite the claims of the Facebook group "There are too many people called Stuart Martin", it seems that there aren't that many of us at all).

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