Roberto Svaldi 

DPMMS - University of Cambridge
Centre for Mathematical Sciences,
Wilberforce Road,
Cambridge CB3 0WB, UK. 
office: C2.01
phone: +44 1223 765901  
e-mail: R***S***val***di (at) (remove all the ***)

Research Interests: Birational geometry of higher dimensional algebraic varieties.
Geometry of Fano and Calabi-Yau varieties.
Structure of algebraic foliations with mild singularities.

Current Position: I am a Research Fellow at the Department of Pure Mathematics
and Mathematical Statistics of the University of Cambridge.
I am also a Fellow and College Lecturer in Pure Mathematics at Churchill College.

During the 2016-17 academic year I am on leave at SISSA in Trieste, Italy.
At SISSA, I am a Postdoc funded by the ERC Starting Grant of Prof. Jacopo Stoppa
If you need to contact me, you can still use the email address indicated above.

British Algebric Geometry Meeting 2017, in Cambridge (Sept. 11-13, 2017)
New advances in Fano manifolds (Dec 4-8, 2017)

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